Why do We Need Motivation in Life?

Why is motivation important? | Why do we need motivation

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin”.

A beautiful motivational quote to begin with!

Wait. What is motivation?

Is it a spoon of ingredients to make a beautiful dish? Or is it the lost key to your lock?

Well, whatever might be your choice, you have the freedom to choose.

But, I am here to discuss with you my thought on motivation.

It is that driving force from behind which is allowing me to pen down this writing.

It’s nothing but a push from the external component to have an impact on the internal part of us to bring out the best in front of the world!

Well, keep reading to know more about it.

Types of Motivation

  • Intrinsic

Intrinsic motivation is an act of working out something without any superficial compensation.

You are in the habit of doing it because it’s entertaining and satisfying rather than in the want of gaining something from outside or has been pressurized upon you like any sort of deadline.

Well, if you are motivated without any return, you find the true joy of life.

  • Extrinsic

Extrinsic motivation is reward oriented method of doing a job.

Here, in return for work, you gain praise, fame, or money as rewards for your actions. External factors play a huge role in defining extrinsic motivation.

If rewards motivate you, then you are fit for these jobs.

  • Introjected

Introjected motivation is a negative aspect of motivation that is performed for the fear of feeling guilty or for receiving pressure from behind.

It is not due to external forces but due to internal forces.

As it doesn’t have a positive impact, therefore it is suggested not to be motivated for things for which you aren’t willing to perform.  

  • Identified

Identified motivation is another type of motivation where the understanding or the feeling to do something or achieve a task but not really acting for such.

This type of motivation is quite powerful and prepares the person for the task to happen.

Need of Motivation

  • Motivation prioritize our goal

Unless we have the enthusiasm to proceed to our goal, it will remain unaccomplished forever.

Motivation in life is important for every one of us to be clear with our mission.

The courage in us will help us to prioritize our goal leaving all other things behind.

Therefore, to be the best version of yourself be motivated to reach your destination.

  • Motivation helps us to overcome hardships

Life is not a smooth cakewalk, leaving aside happiness, it even includes all kinds of hardships, sorrows, etc.

Well, now it depends upon you, how you’re going to tackle your sufferings.

If you are wanting to get away with your miseries, you will need to understand the need for motivation.

Buckle up and be prepared to overcome any hardship that arrives.

  • Motivation establishes trust in self

It sometimes happens, you ought to lose self-confidence in yourself for some reason.

If you would like to gain your trust back upon your soul, be motivated from within.

Be energized reasonably to overcome the following hurdles in your life.

Be sure of your deeds and accomplish the goals by the enthusiasm you have in yourself.

  • Motivation brings you to light

The darker phase of our existence prevails a negative impact on us.

At this time the role of motivations is significant for us to get back to a normal course of our life.

Our motivation will help us to face the light of life again.

Be in search of the bright side of our being and you shall successfully be back to shine.

  • Motivation sets an example for others

If you were inspired by someone to be motivated to perform your job, then pass on with this process of inspiring others to be motivated.

Set an example for your companions and make them realize the positive effects of motivation.

Spread the importance of motivation wherever you can to bring a person from the darker side to the brighter side.

Effects of Motivation

  • Personality will become enriched

You will have an enriched personality if you have motivation towards doing your work.

The energized self inside will give you a spark to be going with your job.

To be a successful person in life your self courage is indeed needed.

The purpose of motivation is thus served if you are willing enough to accomplish your goal.

  • Strengthen your growth

Growing up physically, mentally as well as economically, all are important to stay ahead of ourselves than yesterday.

Motivation solidifies your growing phase.

Everyone wants to succeed in our lives and that is why do we need the motivation to survive with consistent growth.

  • Achievement will find its way to you

If you have done your job with high motivated willpower, success shall run behind you.

Undoubtedly, you are going to accomplish greater heights if you are enthusiastic from within.

This will be a positive effect on you for your hard work and dedication.

  • Lead a positive life

The delighted situation of our life will arrive only if we commit to being encouraged by ourselves from our inner soul.

Be motivated to lead a positive life by completing your part of the work sincerely.

Motivation to be sincere and loyal will be one of the significant reasons for positivity in your life.

  • Find meaning in living

What is the use of living a life where there is no excitement for some reason?

Who would love the same thing over and over again throughout?

To add meaning to your life, ensure you are motivated to perform creative activities which will satisfy you to wake up the next morning.

Benefits of motivation

  • Increased efficiency

Your efficiency at work shall increase as you are motivated to perform your tasks.

The outcome of your job will bear fruits and therefore you can receive appraisals after your tasks.

This is the importance of motivation in life.

  • Learning

Your motivated soul will always remain in the want of learning something new and useful rather than simply banking on the past knowledge.

Unless and until you are motivated from within, nothing will seem good to you and hence, you can learn no new thing.

So, be enthusiastic to procure more knowledge in life.

  • Enhanced Productivity

It is a sure thing that your productivity will boost up.

The energized willpower shall make you do things at your best.

A task done willingly and a task done unwillingly, you can better compare between the two and know the obvious results.

  • Motivate others

Your words, deeds, actions, etc., are responsible for motivating others.

You never know how you are influencing someone to achieve their goal.

This will only happen if you are motivated yourself.

If it’s the other way round, you may encourage negativity in your surroundings.

Therefore, stay enthusiastic and make others motivated.

  • Boost mental stability

You shall remain mentally fit to acquire anything in your life only if you are motivated for such a thing.

Motivation will boost your mental strength and make you confident at any stage of life.

So, to be mentally prepared, be motivated! 


“If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

By Steve Jobs.

This amazing motivational quote tells us much about the true function of motivation.

Don’t worry about others, at the end of the day, it is only you and what you have achieved.

To be a true achiever in life, the sole important thing that will lead you forward is motivation.

Therefore, rest everything aside and be energetic and enthusiastic towards your esteemed goal.

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