What Is Extrinsic Motivation? How does it Work

What Is Extrinsic Motivation?

Extrinsic motivation implies a performance, conducted due to the fact of gaining something in return.

The accomplishments may be in-kind or words.

This is dissimilar to intrinsic motivation which occurs deep within the individual without any condition.

Extrinsic motivation is authorized solely by outside rewards.

Extrinsically motivated individuals may continue to work for the wish of attaining a return without even finding it enjoyable.

So, this type of motivation is highly dependent on conditions without which people won’t find the enthusiasm to serve.

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Instances Of Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation is directly related to rewards that urge any human to complete a given task.

The reward on the other side of completing a job extrinsically motivates you to do that.

Let us look at some of the very common specimens of this motivation:

  • Taking part in athletics will earn you a prize after winning
  • Fulfillment of a chore in exchange for money
  • Consumer dedicated  discount
  • Sales in the shopping counters
  • Rewards for some other job
  • Doing household duties to gain praise and compliment from the family
  • Helping friends for achieving honor and appreciation from them
  • Doing a task for enforcing attention which may be negative or positive
  • Committing tasks for the public to receive acclamation for it
  • Performing a duty to protect yourself from unwanted judgment
  •  Preparing for exams to receive good marks
  • Completing a course to have a strong future in hand
  • Traveling far off places to gain experience in that
  • Volunteering to do something to attain recognition
  • Obeying your boss to have a swift promotion at the job
  • The workers put in extra time to their work to receive bonus
  • Learning to play a new instrument to show off your skills
  • Participation in any contest to win awards
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How Does Extrinsic Motivation Works?

When a person is not motivated from within or does not have any personal interest in task completion, extrinsic motivation works best to get the job done.

Say, for example, an employee who attends the office regularly might not be his interest but to be financially secured (reward), it’s a mandate to visit the office.

The rewards will compel every individual to be extrinsically motivated and thus finish the job.  

Extrinsic motivation engages us to do a job with sheer concentration for the sole purpose of completing it and receiving the reward.

It is beneficial to set short-term goals for the self in the want of gaining something which would otherwise not be done out of the will.

If you are an employer and want a huge production in a short time, set a bonus for the purpose.

Your employees will run after that for receiving the bonus out of extrinsic motivation and your work is also done.

External motivators can take you into action and make you do certain things which may not be enjoyable for you.

But, at times, we need to get rid of our comfort zone and work for the betterment of our lives, specifically when rewards are included.

Extrinsic motivation pushes you until you touch the finishing line.

extrinsic motivation quote
extrinsic motivation quote

Advantages Of Extrinsic Motivation

Out of the many benefits of extrinsic motivation, some of them are listed below:

  • It influences the work of individuals or an organization and leverages the productivity level.
  • Proper consistency is maintained throughout the process of the task.
  • Improvements in personal experience, which would not be of any meaning to you otherwise.
  • Value is added to any job performed for rewards.
  • Motivates you to set an objective and reach there with full potential.
  • Gives meaning to your hard work.
  • This motivation is the very basis of enduring life.
  • Awards received may not be tangible, yet enough to motivate you.
  • Makes your life a productive house to keep up with the time.
  •  The most common and a significant way to boost the spirit of a soul.
  •  Mainly, it is because to earn money and therefore save it for the future.
  • Low level of absentees in the job world to stay in the employment.
  • The relationship between the reward earner and reward giver develops more with this motivation.
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Disadvantages Of Extrinsic Motivation

Presenting here some of the disadvantages of extrinsic motivation:

  • The bonuses or rewards on the other ends don’t mean to stay forever with us.
  • If you are aspiring to win over something tangible, they are rapidly moving away, only memories stay.
  • It lowers the level of intrinsic motivation within oneself.
  • This type of motivation is always a limited process of gaining something.
  • The similar kind of rewards each time for a particular type of job will reduce the interest in performing it.
  • Rewards, bonuses, etc. will one day lose their value if the love for a job performed doesn’t come from your internal will.
  • No generation of passion or enthusiasm through extrinsic motivation.
  • This kind of motivation produces unrealistic probabilities for people or groups in the upcoming times.
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Difference between Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

The basic difference between Extrinsic and Intrinsic motivation is that the former is based on earning rewards and the latter focuses on personal enjoyment of the self.

The intrinsic motivation urges an individual to perform a task because of inner will and extrinsic motivation forces a person to complete a job because of some external push.

Self-desire is the only lookout in the case of intrinsic motivation, whereas extrinsic motivation is steered by some outward desire.

Happiness and satisfaction of the inner soul are most important for intrinsic motivation,

but for extrinsic, people value more on the reward they gain rather than focusing on the job they do.

Beautiful Sayings On Extrinsic Motivation

extrinsic motivation


The sole idea behind extrinsic motivation is obtaining payment or bonus in exchange for a finished mission.

The motivator needs to find out whether the person involved is happy with the negotiated amount as a reward.

Extrinsic Motivation aims at the attainment without self-interest associated with it.

If a job is done without any honor for it and just for the value of money, then it doesn’t receive justice.

Therefore, we may conclude that extrinsic motivation, for the time being, is effective but not for a long time purpose.

Thus, extrinsic motivation can work best if correlated with intrinsic motivation. more


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