Top 10 Best Motivational Stories

Top 10 Best Motivational Stories

Everyone needs some motivation to live life & fulfill their dreams.

Everyone goes through unique situations & faces unique problems.

Many of us have already lost our tracks.

To solve those problems & carry on with our aim we need to motivate ourselves from inside & outside that stays
for a long period of time.

Here are the 10 best motivational stories which will help you to stay motivated & not to give up on your ambitions.

From students to old-aged people, these stories are for you to give you a booster dose of motivation.

Self-motivation is good but hard to achieve.
Stories are always favorites for the teenage to old aged.

That is why we have chosen stories
as a tool of motivation. Here you can learn from the best motivational stories with explanations.

Here are stories from achieving peace to self- everything. Now, go through these stories & wake
your motivation up.


 a story of Peace, Best Motivational Stories

One day, a well-known art gallery declared a contest. The art gallery authorization announced
that the painter who will create the world’s best painting featuring “peace” that person will get a
reward of 10 million dollars. The news of this contest immediately spread worldwide. Thousands
of painters send their painting creations to participate in this contest. After examining the
paintings, the judges chose the 100 best paintings among all the paintings. After that, the art
gallery authority organized an art exhibition with those 100 selected paintings. In this exhibition,
all the painters, as well as the media persons, were invited. Thousands of people gathered to
join the exhibition. All the paintings were the best in the exhibition. Some of those paintings
attracted people more. There were various paintings attracting more people- some paintings
showed peaceful moonlit night, some showed lakeside views, some showed white clouds, blue
sky, green grass were shown. Despite the contest being very tough the judges chose the winner
& kept the best painting behind a curtain. But when the curtain was moved away & the painting
was disclosed everyone became confused. Everyone started to look into one another’s faces.
No one understood what was going on. Because the painting did not feature peace so far.
People started thinking that it was a mistake. Some of the painters went to the art gallery
owners to ask if it was a mistake to put that painting in the place of the best painting. The owner
smiled & told them that they put the right painting which should be there & judges selected this
painting only. Everyone started to flee in anger. Media persons went to the owner of the art
gallery to know what’s the matter. He again smiled & asked them to look at the painting from a
closer view so that they can find the things that are being hazy from that distant view. He added,
“You have seen one thing in this painting that contains the scenery of storm, thunder, dark
clouds in the sky. But none of you noticed one thing in this painting that there is a little hut too in
that painting. In that hut, there is a small window from where a person is standing. That person
was seeing the outside storm from the window with no fear on his face. Instead, his facial
expression had peace, calmness, happiness which are the real meaning of peace.” So, the
moral of this story is peace is not like everything outside ourselves should be still & calm.
Because it is temporary. The definition of peace is whatever is going outside our inner soul & the
mind is calm no matter what happens outside. Because those who do not have inner peace, no
matter wherever you take to that person will stay sad. But one person having inner peace
doesn’t get bothered by whatever is going on outside.

Love yourself

Once upon a time, there was a man who used to live in a small village situated in the lap of
mountains. He used to visit the mountainside daily. He used to sit there for a moment & then
come back. Like every day he was going to the mountain one morning. Suddenly his little boy
came towards him & held his hand. The little boy told him that he also wanted to go with him to
the mountainside. First, the man denied it & told him that the way towards the mountain is very
narrow & high, he may not be able to go. But the little boy was very stubborn & his father finally
accepted to take his boy with him. They started to climb the mountain holding each other’s
hands tightly. The mountain was on the left side of the road & there was a slant on the right side.
They were about to reach the mountain top & a big rock came towards them rolling down. The
father knew that it is a usual matter so he just stepped aside. But the boy didn’t know about all
these & he was climbing the mountain being unmindful. As a result, he stuck with that rock & he
screamed in pain. The time he screamed he discovered that his voice was getting echoed. He
never experienced this before. He got confused to understand what was happening. He thought
someone was imitating his voice & making fun of him from behind the mountains. The little boy
shouted. “Who are you?” He felt the same thing again. The little boy was filled with anger. He
said in anger, “I will not spare you.” Now again he felt the same thing. Now he started to be
scared & hold his father’s hands tightly. He asked his father about this. Then his father smiled &
screamed, “ I love you”. This time his father’s voice echoed. He again said, “ You are a good
boy.” His boy became happy listening to this & asked his father what was going on. Then he
explained to him that it was his voice only, not anyone else’s. He told the boy, “ You will listen
only to what you say. If you say something angrily, you will listen the same. But if you tell
something good, in return you listen the same. This thing we can implement in our lives too”.
The moral of the story is – What we think in our mind about our life, life will behave the same
with us. So, if we love our life, our life will also love us.

Change Your Vision

Once upon a time, a great leader went to a hut that belonged to a saint. The leader heard a lot
about him & thought to discover why people appreciate that saint so much. When he reached
the hut, he saw there was a mat on which some people were sitting. The saint was sitting in
front of the people. It seemed that there was some discussion happening between the people &
the saint. When he entered the hut he saw that no one bowed to him or greeted him. This was
very unusual for him as he was a well-known leader. People used to do all those whenever
common people used to see him. The saint did not even notice him as he was answering
someone’s question. The leader got angry with the saint’s behavior. He thought the saint
insulted him & told the saint that he wanted to ask something. The saint requested him to wait
for a little while as he was already answering someone’s question. The leader became angrier.
He started to insult the saint. He told the saint in pride, “ Do you even know who I am?” The
saint looked at his face & replied that he didn’t care who he was. He also said, “ If you want me
to answer your queries you have to wait.” The leader started to scream & challenged the leader
who told him that he will definitely punish him. The saint said calmly, “ I don’t care what you think
about myself.” The leader insulted him again by tagging him as a “fake saint” who was fooling
the people. He blamed the saint for looting the common people’s money. Having a smile on their
face the saint replied, I am not bothered by your behavior. I am not at all angry with your
behavior. Whatever you have told me, it was your thought only. So, I don’t see anything bad in
you. It seems to me that you are a good person. The leader was filled with happiness by his
words. He returned back from the saint’s hut happily. He sat with his father & told everything that
happened with him in the saint’s hut. His father told him, “ He does not praise you. He did not
tell you what you are, in fact, he told you what he is. And you told him what you are, not what he
is.” So, the moral of the story is, if you want to change the world, first change the vision to see
the world. We see what we are, we tell what we are & we accept what we want.

Think Before Getting Angry

There was a little child who used to get very angry. The child did not even care where he was,
with whom he was talking whenever he became angry. He used to throw things and break those
in anger often. His parents were clueless about what to do with their little child. They tried all the
possible ways to make him understand the consequences of that much anger. But unfortunately,
the child was not ready to understand anything. One day, the mother discussed all these with
the child’s teacher. The child used to listen to his teacher only. The teacher told her not to worry.
After the next day when the class started, the teacher told the child that no class would take
place that day. The child became very happy listening to this. She took the child to the backside
of the house & showed him a wall. She said, “ Whenever you will feel angry, take a screw & dig
it in this wall from now on. The child asked the teacher out of curiosity, “ What will happen after
doing this? She answered, “ When this game finishes you will be rewarded.” The child used to
do as his teacher advised him to do. While doing this he discovered that it takes too much time
and effort to go to that place & dig the screw into the wall. So, he decided to control his anger.
Simultaneously, the number of screws started getting fewer & fewer. Thus, one day came when
he did not get angry not even once. The child became very happy & went to his teacher to tell
he learned to control his anger. The teacher told the child that the game is not over yet. She now
told him to pluck those screws one by one in the days when he didn’t get angry. It took more
than one month to finish this task. Thus, one day came again when there were no screws in the
wall. He again went to the teacher to show that he finished the task. The teacher saw the wall
which had no screws then & gifted the child a bar of chocolate. Then the teacher asked the
child,” Can you see anything on this wall?”. The child replied, “ No”. Then the teacher told her
to observe carefully. The girl found the holes made by those screws hammering. Then the
teacher explained, “You may vanish the screws but you can never recover those holes” This
happens the same with you when you get angry. The child went to his mother and asked for
mercy to get angry and never became angry again. The moral of the story is when we get angry
with anyone that person gets hurt & we can not disappear that mark of pain ever.

All The Situations Are Powerless If We Don’t React

Once upon a time, a girl tried to crack an entrance exam. But unfortunately, she failed to make
it. She just became broken down & started being depressed. Her father could not see his
daughter in this pathetic condition. One day he took his daughter to the kitchen to show
something. He kept three bowls in the oven. Then he filled those bowls with water. In the first
bowl, he added potato, in the second bowl he added egg & in the last bowl, he added coffee
beans. Then he kept all the water bowls to boil. They waited for almost 20 minutes. His
daughter started getting irritated. But the father asked her to hold on for one more minute.
Everything will be clear after that. Then turned off all the ovens. From the first bowl, he took the
boiled potato, from the second one he took the boiled egg & from the third one he kept the
coffee in one cup. Then he told his daughter to observe those carefully. She became very angry
& told, “What’s new in it? There are eggs, potatoes & coffee.” The father asked her to touch
those items once. She discovered that the potatoes were very soft after getting boiled. Then the
father broke those eggs which became harder than before. Lastly, he told his daughter to smell
the coffee. She smelt the coffee & became happy. Then he explained that all the three items
were made to pass through the same situation but the after results are different from one
another’s. The potato became softer, which means it got weakened. The egg which was softer
before became harder means it became stronger. But the coffee did something different
between these two items. It did not change itself. Instead, it changed the water that means it
changed that situation. Just like this, our lives act too. Choices are in our hands what to choose.
The moral of the story is instead of being the victim of a particular situation we should try to
change the situation without changing ourselves.

Don’t Fear

Once upon a time, there were two friends who lived in a small village. One day they went to the
city for some work & then they had to come back to the village after finishing the work. While
returning to the village there was a forest on the way to their destination. As they were traveling
for so long they became thirsty. They started to look for some water to drink. In search of water,
they lost their way. The evening ended & the forest started becoming darker. Suddenly they saw
a den surrounded by many trees. They thought they would spend the night there. They collected
some wood & fired them at the entrance of the den. They sat there & waited for the morning.
Suddenly they heard some screaming of animals. One of them got scared hearing those sounds
as he heard a lot of horror stories. He discussed his fear with another friend. That friend was
very brave & replied, “Have you ever seen any ghosts?” The first friend replied that he had not
seen any but he knows some people who saw ghosts. The second friend tried to encourage him
& lied down. But the afraid friend was awake in fear. He thought there was someone who was
watching them from behind as the fire painted some shadows. A few hours later, he also slept &
saw a dream of a shadow that was coming towards him. Suddenly his sleep broke & told his
friend what he saw in his dream. His friend smiled, He said, “If you see the same shadow again
tell that shadow what I am telling you. You tell- Come to me whoever you are. You don’t frighten
me at all.” When he had the same dream again, he did exactly what his friend had told him to
do. He realized that the shadow started being smaller & smaller & suddenly disappeared. The
moral of the story is we should let our fear control us. The more we get afraid over our fear it
becomes bigger & the less we are afraid of our fear it becomes smaller than our courage.

Don’t Go With The Flow With The Superstitions

Some scientists did an interesting experiment. They kept five monkeys in a cage. They also
kept a ladder inside the cage. The scientists also kept some bananas at the top of the ladder.
Then they used to shower cold water whenever any of the monkeys tried to get closer to the
bananas. The monkeys used to go down the ladder the moment they felt the cold water. On
seeing the monkeys going down the ladder, the scientists stopped the cold shower on them.
Another monkey again tried to do the same & the scientists repeated the same method. Then
the monkey discovered that whenever they tried to go closer to the bananas, a cold shower
started on them. After that when one monkey tried to go up on the ladder, the rest of the
monkeys beat that monkey & put it down. These things got repeated. Then the scientist took out
one of the monkeys & kept one new monkey in its place. Now, this new monkey didn’t know
what was going on there. So, it tried to go up to take the bananas. Now the scientists did not
shower but the monkeys beat it to bring it down the ladder. It tried again & the same thing
happened to it. Now, this monkey assumed that it is not allowed to ride up the ladder. Then the
scientists again took out one monkey from the older four monkeys & put one new monkey there.
Now the new monkey did the same that the previous monkey did. It tried riding up the ladder to
get closer to the bananas, and the rest of the monkeys beat him. The scientist took the older
monkeys one by one & kept replacing them with new ones. One time came when all the
monkeys were new who did not know why it is not allowed to ride up the ladder. But they knew
that when someone tries to ride it everyone beats them. So, no one tried to ride the ladder.
There were no cold showers at this time. The moral of the story is we should not stick to the old
superstitions which used to be believed for so long due to some particular reasons that don’t
exist anymore.

Don’t Devalue Yourself

There was a small village where an old man lived. This man used to work as a stonebreaker.
Heis life was very simple. Whatever he used to earn he took that & spent time with his family.
Like every day, he was going to his work. Suddenly a thought came to his mind that what a
boring life he was leading. He used to break stones the whole day & in return get a little money.
That much money was not enough for him & his family to bear their expenses. He wanted some
magical power so that he could get some power to achieve whatever he wanted. He went home
& had dinner. Then he slept. He saw a dream of a big house & desired to be the owner of it.
Suddenly he became the owner of it in reality. He did not believe that he became the owner of
that big house. In the meantime, he heard some kind of sound. He went out of the house to see
what it was. He saw that a long rally was in the street. There was a political leader in the rally &
people were applauding him & trying to touch him. On seeing this he thought he was so mean in
front of this politician. Then he desired to be that politician. And suddenly he became that
politician. He was very happy because he was getting all those things which he intended to
have. Many people crowded around him to see him once. But the weather was too hot outside &
he was not habituated with that. He got senseless under that hot sun. Then he realized that the
politician did not have as much power as the sun was. Now he wanted to be the sun. He just
thought of being the sun & he became the sun within seconds. He became very happy because
he was the only one who was brightening the whole world. But unfortunately, the sky filled with
black clouds & the sunlight got obstructed. Then he realized that there was someone more
powerful even than the sun. He desired to become the clouds now & became that. He was flying
in the sky happily. He thought that he could now fly in the sky freely & no one could stop him.
Suddenly a storm came & the clouds went away crazily. Then he realized that this storm is
greater than those black clouds & became the storm itself. He was very happy to know that he
was the most powerful thing. But suddenly he came across a mountain. He tried his best to
shake it but could not. Then he realized the mountain is the most powerful thing in the world. He
became the mountain. Then he heard something that was very much known to him. He started
feeling pain as someone was beating him. Then he desired to be that person who was breaking
this powerful stone. But this time he could not become what he wanted. His pain started to
increase. He was screaming in pain. Suddenly his sleep broke & saw himself in the mirror. Then
he finally realized that he was unable to become what he wanted because he was that person
himself. So the moral of the story is no one is as powerful as we are. Instead of trying to
become someone else, we should try our best to be the best version of ourselves.

Super Power

There was once a time when two best friends met one another. Their friendship started at a
hospital where both of them were admitted. One of them was admitted because his body next to
his shoulder got paralyzed. Even his fingers were immobile. Whoever went to meet him used to
request that person to give an injection that would kill him. That time he met his new friend who
was also admitted but was able to stand & walk. This friend used to go near the windows daily &
describe to him the outside view. The paralyzed friend used to feel good listening to all these
descriptions. Now he wanted to live 7 used to wait for his friend daily to come & describe the
outside to him. Few days passed. One morning, he saw that his bed was empty. He called the
nurse & asked the nurse if he had been released from the hospital. The nurse told him that that
person had only a few days left to live. He died last night. The paralyzed lost all the hopes to live
because that person was the only person who grew hope to live in him. He spent the next few
days crying in depression. But after some days, a new hope arose in him that he could see the
outside once by himself. He wanted to see the outside world. Thus, one day he tried his best to
wake up from bed. He fell to the ground. But he crawled towards the window. And finally, he
stood up holding the window to see outside. He became very angry seeing the outside as there
was darkness. He screamed & called the nurse to ask about this. The nurse told him that it was
like that since her five years of a nursing career in that hospital. Then the man understood that his
friend was lying. He asked the nurse why his friend lied to him then. The nurse smiled & told him
that she doesn’t know why he lied but those lies were the only reason why he was standing that
day even after losing all hope. The moral of the story is the words are way more powerful than
we think. Our kind words may even save a life.

Never Stop Trying

One day a little girl ran towards a medicine shop holding an earthen gullak in her hands. She
stood there for a long time but the chemist did not notice her as there were a lot of crowds in the
shop. She called the chemist many times but the little voice could not reach him. Then the little
girl got angry & threw her gullak in the ground & broke it. It grabbed the attention of the chemist
& all the people standing there. Then the chemist asked her, “ What do you want, girl?” She
replied that she wanted a “miracle.” The chemist was confused listening to this. She told me she
had a lot of money in her gullak. She requested him to take whatever it takes to give a miracle
to her. At the counter stood a man. “Why do you want a miracle, baby?” he asked the little girl.”
His brother had suffered a severe headache a couple of days earlier, according to her. So, their
parents took him to the hospital. Then her brother did not come back to their home for a long
time. So she asked her father about this. But he did not say anything. She heard her father
telling her mother that they did not have the money they needed to continue the treatment. Now,
any miracle can save her brother only. Then she decided to take all her money to buy the
miracle so that she can save her brother. Then the person asked her, “ How much money do
you have in your gullak?” Counting the coins, she replied, “19 rupees.”. He told the girl that she
had enough money to buy a miracle. Then she took that person to his father. That person was a
renowned Neurosurgeon who operated on her brother for 19 rupees. Her brother recovered
soon. Days passed. One day, they were sitting together. Her mother asked her father how he
managed to do this miracle. He replied that this miracle was not done by him, it was done by
their daughter. The moral of the story we should never stop trying. Who knows we can do some
miracle in our lives.

So, what can we learn from all of the above stories? We can learn that we should stay calm in
every situation, we should first love ourselves, we should change our vision first to change the
world, we should think about the consequences before getting angry, We should not react to the
situations instead we should respond only, we should not let ourselves to be controlled your
fear, we should not promote the superstitions instead we should break the chain of the
superstitions by questioning on it, We can rise hope in a person only with our words, We should
never stop trying.

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