• Motivation

    What is Intrinsic Motivation How its Works?

    What is intrinsic motivation? Intrinsic motivation is the act of accomplishing something which is not backed by any outward rewards. One performs it just out of their love, rather than being motivated by any external pressure or any stimulating offer, for example, a bonus or dividends.

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    Self Growth

    10 Approved Steps To Be True To Yourself

    The Best Proved 10 Ways To Be True To Your Self Lying is a burden which all of us want to get rid of. It feels even worse if we start to avoid the true self, just to stand within the preached social norms. At times, we try to hide our feelings and become dependent upon someone else’s thoughts, whom we think are better than us. so be true to yourself Here, in this article, I have provided you with 10 points explaining why you should stay honest and authentic to your soul. and why you should be true to yourself ut, is it alright to compare ourselves with someone…