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Don’t Let Toxic People Steal Your Joy

Don’t let anyone steal Your Happiness!

Did you ever sense that something in you is missing for which you cannot remain satisfied?

Do you feel like your happiness is skipping? Cannot find contentment in anything?

Yes, I know what’s wrong with you! Someone has stolen your joy from you!

Remember the times when you accepted many such things that you didn’t want to from heart.

You did it for someone else, but you never really got praised for it.

Or, is it like you are compromising every day just to add joy to others’ lives, but the people end up taking you for granted.

This is absolutely not done! Why let others make decisions for you? It’s high time, take a stand for yourself, don’t let others steal your joy.

Want to know how you are getting robbed of your joy? Here are some of them:

Harmful people:

Toxic people and harmful ones who have no other thing except to poke you negatively.

Often, at times, they are going to make you feel betrayed or create a pessimistic air around you that doesn’t allow you to remain happy, in this way they loot your joy.

Why pay these toxic species enough importance?

Why not just ignore them and be happy and joyous by yourself?

Be ready to face these people and make them realize, they have failed to steal joy from your life! Yes! Do not let anyone steal your joy.

As said by Rihanna:

do not let anyone steal your joy quotes

Unfriendly times

Unfavorable times sometimes happen to take away happiness from our lives.

It can be that you forgot someone’s birthday or the deadline of the new project.

Both of these can lead to alarming consequences. The thought of it sparks a negative impact upon you, isn’t it?

Well, now thinking from your side, it may happen you forgot those because of something more important.

Maybe, the people who are associated with your unavoidable failure are disappointed with you and end up creating an air of unhappiness.

But, as you know your view, do not let others get away with your joy.

how to not let people steal your joy

Second to none

You will easily lose your joy if you start the comparison with others.

The fear of standing before someone who simply receives better monthly remuneration or has got high marks is an act of foolishness.

This thought in us has been imbibed by the people around us.

For which, we start doubting ourselves. But, is it worth it?

Do you believe that a person can be in full-fledged joyous life only if their pay is high or certain other things that hardly matter?

Yes, it can be a part, but not a whole. And also it is so, why to start comparing!

You are far better than many in several fields which you need to realize by yourself otherwise forget the meaning of adding ‘joy’ to your life.

Please, don’t let anyone steal your joy.

The quote below is taken from the bible:

Physic medication anxiety

Suffering from some heavy physical dissatisfaction?

Having pain in the ankle or any part of your body or some difficult injuries?

Yes, at times you can feel a bit tensed about your getting cured up.

You may find everyone around you is simply having no bodily pressure.

Therefore, you get demotivated by yourself.

Let me tell you if you keep your heart happy, your body aches will vanish in no time, or whatever medical problem you are facing will surely disappear.

People are having many severe medical issues and they remain happy and calm, this process boosts up your recovery chances.

So, if you want to get cured, and I believe you would definitely! Then, just be delighted from within, and do not let anyone steal your joy.

As quoted by some unknown author:

joyful quotes

Mental discontentment

Worrying about something?

Cannot find pleasure in anything due to your discontentment with something or the other?

Too much getting bothered by anything which is harming you inner-out!?

Then, if it is creating so many problems, why carry this forward!

We are human beings and as per economics, human wants are never satisfied.

You, me, and each one of us will never be fulfilled in our thoughts, always we are in the want of more! Simply, stop worrying about anything.

Whatever you have today, cherish that much.

Your inner displeasure may make an impact on your physic, so just stop troubling your mind and be joyful throughout.

A beautiful quote

How to enhance joy in your life

Start to take care of yourself:

Be sure of your health. Don’t compromise on your fitness ever as it is only your good health that will last till the end of your life.

If you aren’t fit, it is very hard to find joy in life. Do routine wise check-ups, intake a lot of proteins, work out, etc.

Do every bit to be the best version of yourself every day because as we know, ‘health is wealth’.

A famous line well said by some anonymous:

don't let anyone steal your joy

Build your private empire

Have a separate and personal space in your life where you won’t allow anyone to enter.

Create your happy place.

If anyone tries to enter there to disturb your happy state, do not allow them to steal your joy.

Do whatever makes you feel happy and hence build your private happy empire.

Joy of life quote

Be the reason for your smile

Do not ever bank upon anyone else for your happiness.

It is only you who is responsible for your prosperity.

Be the sole reason behind your smile.

If you like to do gardening then go for it, if you are interested in reading books or making food, then do it for your joy.

Be clear about your choices and preferences and add more and more joy to your life.

An amazing saying by an unknown author

happy quotes

 Do something creative

Creativity is a seed that is inside everyone.

This seed doesn’t receive enough nourishment to grow up and thus it dies without even prospering.

Try your hand at different tasks which may not come out perfect for the first time, but you will cherish the hard work behind it.

You definitely will become happy with the outcome, just like me when I started to try my hand at origami.

Adore the hidden light in your life which will glow up your entire existence with positivity.

To be motivated, read the quote below

joy quotes

 Appreciate your deeds

Don’t wait for others to pat on your back.

Believe in self-appreciation.

If you think you have done a great job, be happy about it.

Try to conquer more with this self-confidence.

Accept criticism from others with a smile but don’t let anyone steal your peace.

Compare with thy self and no one else.

If today you feel you are good, tomorrow try to satisfy yourself by being the best!

The quote below will be encouraging you


Whatever little we do in life, we do it to stay happy.

Some cook food to feel happy, some earn money, some score marks, etc.

All of these are heading towards a similar goal which is to be joyful in life.

But some people and certain circumstances arrive which tries to drive us away from our delighted phase.

We just need to simply avoid such toxic people and handle delicate situations with care.

If we do so, no one can seize pleasure from our life. Let us stay motivated and dedicated to living a safe and happy life.

Don’t let someone steal your joy at any cost!

“Don’t let others steal your joy or think you need them to be happy if that’s the case you can do bad all by yourself.

Telisa McLaughlin,

Live life like it’s your last, keep smiling, keep living keep dreaming most importantly keep doing what makes you happy never lose sight of your joy”.

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