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    10 Proved ways to be fearless

    Best 10 ways to be ultimate fearless. Before start reading say 3 times I AM ABSLUTLY FEARLESS! Being afraid of something is usual, but standing by it to overcome is unusual. Every step we take gives us anxiety as we assume its outcome. Many of us try to hide from it, but sadly, it only increases the level of fear except for decreasing it. The only way to get away with it is by being fearless. It sounds very cool to be fearless, but we don’t know the actual process which will take us to that degree. The process takes time but the results are worth the wait. Not to…

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    10 Easy Ways To Make a Difference in the World

    10 Easiest ways to make a difference in the world. | 10 ways to make a difference in your community. A tiny step might make a great change. We all want ourselves to do something that is going to make an impact in the changing times. A simple smile on another’s face because of you, gifts thou a wonderful day. Most of us are willing to see such smiles for which we take many such initiatives. But, to start with you can do the minimum of things to create a change in the community. You can make a difference with some small but effective endeavors. To help you to start…

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    10 best motivational story

    Someone tells of a large company where the president set a goal that everyone would contribute to the United Fund. So everybody in the company gave, except one man. The other employees tried their best to convince the man to give. They appealed to his philanthropic nature; they told him about the great needs in the community; they told him how important it was to be a part of the team. He still refused to give. The president of the company finally called the man into his office and said, “Sam, it is my desire that this company be a part of the United Fund, and it is my desire…