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    Best 51 Mindfulness Quotes To Start a Day

    Best Mindfulness Quotes Want to gain courage in few limited words? Then you are in the right place. Many famous personalities have gifted us with beautiful quotes which inspire us to do something positive. A slight upswing is needed when you are in an unrest situation. At this time, some popular mindfulness quotes may give you that boost, with which you can find your answer easily. Being mindful suggests that you are comfortable living your ‘now’ rather than thinking about what is to happen in the next minute. In this article, you shall read quotes on mindfulness that will allow you to stay confident and optimistic. Mindfulness quotes from Gautam…

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    Don’t Let Toxic People Steal Your Joy

    Don’t let anyone steal Your Happiness! Did you ever sense that something in you is missing for which you cannot remain satisfied? Do you feel like your happiness is skipping? Cannot find contentment in anything? Yes, I know what’s wrong with you! Someone has stolen your joy from you! Remember the times when you accepted many such things that you didn’t want to from heart. You did it for someone else, but you never really got praised for it. Or, is it like you are compromising every day just to add joy to others’ lives, but the people end up taking you for granted. This is absolutely not done! Why…

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    Gratitude list: 100 Things to be grateful today

    Best 100 Things To Be Grateful in life today We might be surrounded by many things to be grateful for around us, but our main concern remains towards those we could not receive. We run behind those unachieved objects which stay far off, forgetting the ones for which we should be thankful. Very often, we take things for granted which are easily available and can be fetched at any moment. But, do we ever think that what is going to happen to us if they are not present? No, we do not give much importance to these.  Well, today, I have jotted down 100 things to be thankful for or…

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    story for mindfulness

    There was once a very successful fisherman: he would take his small boat out on the lake every morning, and within a few hours he would return to shore with his boat full of fish. People wondered how he did it. One day a stranger showed up and asked the man if he could go along the next time the man went out fishing. The man agreed. So the next morning the two of them took the fisherman’s boat through the early morning mist to a small cove where the fisherman stopped the boat and cut off the motor. He seemed to be very unprepared for a fishing trip: he…