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    One lesser known characteristic of Thomas Edison was his penchant for engineering dazzling public-relations stunts. In an attempt to convince the New York City council to allow its streets to be torn up for the laying of electrical cables, Edison invited the entire group out to Menlo Park at dusk. He led them up a narrow staircase in the dark, and while they were fumbling their way and grumbling about the inconvenience, he suddenly clapped his hands. A flood of lights came on, illuminating a lavishly set dining hall complete with a sumptuous feast catered by New York’s premier restaurant, Delmonico’s. It never hurts to add an element of show-biz…

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    There was once a very successful fisherman: he would take his small boat out on the lake every morning, and within a few hours he would return to shore with his boat full of fish. People wondered how he did it. One day a stranger showed up and asked the man if he could go along the next time the man went out fishing. The man agreed. So the next morning the two of them took the fisherman’s boat through the early morning mist to a small cove where the fisherman stopped the boat and cut off the motor. He seemed to be very unprepared for a fishing trip: he…