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Best 10 Real life Motivational Stories

We are usually busy with our daily schedule most of the time.

Whether we are working professionals or stay-at-home parents, we have productive and unproductive hours.

The stories always provide a positive impact on our minds in the demotivating hours.

Occasionally, readers are incredibly motivated by a story.

In this article, we will tell you about the best motivational stories of all time.

As a result of reading these best motivational real-life motivational stories,

readers will be highly motivated by these successful people’s real journeys.

If you are finding the best real-life motivational stories then this article is for you.

You will find a collection of the best motivational real-life stories here.

Remember to point out every point the legends made that changed their lives when reading out these stories.

Keeping you motivated in the long run will ensure your success.

The one thing that all of them have in common is that at first, they were all common people, and later on they became legends.

It may seem like these are unbelievable or they had some advantages throughout their journey, in reality, they had a struggling journey.

To know more about these people read all the stories out.

1. J. K. Rowling

J K Rowling We all know about the Harry Potter stories but most of us don’t know the struggle behind one lady behind this successful series of stories.

The lady is none other than JK Rowling. J K Rowling said in an interview that she started because she had a story and she loves to write and also she would love to read.

This was the best starting point for any story or any book. She had in her head always that she wanted to be a writer. Rowling’s father was an Aircraft Engineer.

Her mother was a Science Technician. Despite being from a Science family she held great interests in writing.

She wrote her first novel when she was only 11. Her teachers also used to think that she was very good at writing stories.

In her early 20s, she used to work as a researcher for Amnesty International.

When she was 25 while she was on a train journey the idea of writing Harry Potter came into her mind.

But her mother’s death affected her writing a lot. At the age of 26, she went to Portugal to teach English.

She came back to the UK with her newborn daughter and was also jobless at that time.

Her first-ever Harry Potter edition named “Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone” experienced 12 times’ rejection.

At last, it was published in 1997. Harry Potter completely changed her life.

Her 5th edition of Harry Potter broke the sales record in the US & the UK.

She also came up with an NGO to combat poverty & social inequality.

Right now, she is at the top of success and considered one of the world’s most successful authors.

As per The 2021 Sunday Times Rich List, JK Rowling is the 196th richest in the UK.

2. Jakie Chan

Jakie Chan, a Kung Fu legend did not have a smooth life all the time.

He also had a struggling life.

Jakie Chan said in an interview that he risked all his energy to make every single day.

56 years later people realized what he was doing. He kept believing in himself.

He is an actor, a director & a Kung fu master, an icon.

He was born to parents who were Chinese Civil War refugees.

When he was just 7 he started learning martial arts, drama, acrobatics.

He also learned singing at Peking Opera School.

When he was just 8 years old, he appeared in films for the first time.

He said that he didn’t have a perfect education.

That is why he is still helping China people so that they can get a proper education.

He has built 27 schools. He thinks that children are the future of a country.

After his graduation, he worked as an acrobat & stuntman.

He even worked with the great Bruce Lee in Fist of Fury.

Thus he completed the highest fall in Chinese film history.

He adopted the name Jakie that was given by a construction worker.

In the early 1970’s he began to feature more prominently in Hong Kong cinema.

He combined Kung Fu with comedy & delivered masterpieces.

He gave commercial hits like Rush Hour & Shanghai Noon.

He became a global icon. He was also a vocalist.

He has served as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador since 2004.

He founded the Stuntmen Association to help out the stuntmen who risk their lives.

He wants to serve more. His net worth is $ 520 Million as of 2021.

3. Bill Gates

real life motivational stories

Bill Gates Noone knows what success is more than Mr. Bill Gates-the second richest man in the World.

Despite belonging to a wealthier kind of family he worked hard to be where he is today.

Since childhood, Mr. Gates was brilliant in academics, especially in Mathematics.

He started pursuing a keen interest in Computers and programming when he was just 13.

His school also helped him to pursue his keen interests.

He built his first-ever computer program on the GEC machine.

Eventually, Bill Gates & Paul Allen co-founded a software company in 1975 and named it Microsoft.

His mother also helped him a lot initially to process the products to sell as they could not afford to hire a sales manager at that time.

Thereafter the company experienced a huge financial crisis that was a result of using pirated software.

But Allen & Gates both decided not to give up.

They had launched Microsoft Basic or shortly known as MS Basic & made a profit of $ 50000 with that.

In 1979 IBM offered Microsoft to develop a program.

But unfortunately, they couldn’t make it due to a lack of resources to develop such an operating system.

Soon After Microsoft came up with an operating system named MS-DOS & enhanced it regularly.

After that Microsoft offered directly to IBM to accept their offer & as a result of hard work and patience IBM accepted it & launched its first-ever personal computer having MS-DOS as the operating system.

This company also made the first-ever mouse that can be used with the personal computer.

With the development of Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP & Vista Bill Gates put in a lot of hard work and became a great motivation worldwide.

Till now this company is dominating the software market. He is a mirror of success.

4. Rowan Atkinson or Mr. Bean

Rowan Atkinson, Who doesn’t know Mr. Bean?

But do we know Rowan Atkinson, the man behind the legendary comic character?

He can make you laugh with only his facial expression without saying anything.

He made the viewers feel happier for 40 long years.

But surprisingly he did it without even speaking.

There is also a rumor that he possesses a higher level of IQ.

He earned his Master’s degree at Oxford University & his stream was Engineering.

This University started his journey of becoming Mr. Bean.

Shockingly, in real life, he was a shy kind of kid who used to get teased by his classmates because of his look & his way of speaking.

Even his teachers said that nothing was outstanding in him.

While he was in his University, he fell in love with acting. But his speaking disorder gave him continuous rejection. But he didn’t stop.

He realized that he used to speak fluently whenever he played different roles rather than being real himself.

He joined a comedy group but still got rejected because of his looks.

He felt lost. He managed a way through a radio comedy & behind the microphone he used to grow the character of Mr. Bean.

Finally, he got the opportunity to come on television & has gifted us happier moments.

He became hygge popular among children & became a global success.

What he did in his life towards success is not giving up on his dreams, instead, he changed the plan to achieve the same dream.

5. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Albert Einstein’s father used to think that his son was a failure.

Albert Einstein was a struggling young man in Europe. He used to skip his classes in school.

His teachers didn’t hold good hopes for him in academics.

He never performed the best when he was in school. He even decided to drop out from studies.

When he went to college things got even worse.

He used to hold a carefree attitude towards conventional learning.

His professors got offended over him. He used to be called a lazy dog.

Einstein also failed to secure a job due to his bad performance in graduation.

He started to teach in schools but there also he didn’t manage to do much.

He believed in the application of knowledge. But the school didn’t teach that.

His father’s death devastated jobless Einstein. He started lacking confidence.

To support his family he took a job as a third-class patent clerk in Switzerland.

He used to finish his work quickly & the rest of the time he used to think about unsolved physics problems.

Einstein published his first paper on the photoelectric effect in 1905.

But the scientific community ignored the paper from a clerk which eventually got the Nobel Prize 16 years later.

Thus he continued to pursue his science knowledge and applications of that knowledge & thus his 3rd paper changed the base of the Science that was based on the theory of relativity.

He finally got fame as a scientist.

He gave the famous E=mc2 equations.

He gave many more important concepts & theories and was considered a genius.

A failure throughout his educational life became a genius.

6. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, the greatest martial artist of all time. He belongs to a Chinese family.

His father was an opera singer & actor. His father used to take him in shootings.

He did appear in films for the first time when he was only three years old for a baby role.

As a child, he acted in more than 20 films. But his family suddenly moved to Hong Kong from the US.

After that, the turning point of his life came.

One he was returning home from school & got badly beaten by a gang as at that time Hong Kong used to be ruled by Mafia Gangs & the lives were very difficult for the people.

He decided to learn martial arts for self-protection. He learned Kung Fu.

After a few days the gang again attacked him in his school but this time the gang got beaten badly by this boy.

It is known that he has broken the teeth of one of the gangs & a hand of another.

He got warned by the police & they shifted to the USA. When he was 18, he used to work as a waiter & also gave martial arts training.

At 20 years of age, he got admission to the University of Washington to study Philosophy.

He started a martial arts school where he used to train Hollywood actors.

He also got treats from various martial artists who blamed him for opening up some martial arts secrets that belong to China.

But he was a brave hero. He is a great inspiration for young people, especially for martial artists.

He has given blockbuster movies also. He was a multi-talented man.

He taught us to be brave enough to fight for ourselves without waiting for someone to help.

7. Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic This name may not be so popular among everyone but this man is a genius.

But people who use social media may have seen his videos at least once.

Because he is a great motivator. Nick is specially-abled & has to function all the daily activities without arms & legs.

He doesn’t consider his physical disability to be physical actually, he calls it a mental disability.

And to come out of this mental disability one has to believe that he or she is not mentally disabled anymore.

His doctors told him that he can’t walk at all but he did it.

He is a successful motivational speaker, evangelist, overall a limbless miracle.

He was born with Tetra-amelia syndrome that can be characterized by the absence of limbs.

He is also a painter, a swimmer, a skydiver, a surfer, an author, and an inspiration.

He graduated with a double degree in Accounting & Finance at the age of 21 years old.

He is the president of two companies. He also owns 4 NGOs. Just ask what he is not.

He never gave up in his life.

Whatever challenges or fear came in front of him & people told him that he can not do it because of his disabilities, he has proved himself every time that no disability can stop him.

He has traveled to more than half of the countries just to spread motivation. Among millions of people.

He also encourages people to accept the life that one has been gifted in & make the best out of it.

8. Dwane Douglas

Dwane Douglas is a famous face in the world wrestling family.

But, do you ever wonder how Dwane became a Hollywood Heavyweight from a Domineering Little boy?

Dwane Dogulus or popularly known as “The Rock” was born into a wrestling family.

He admitted that he used to feel afraid of his father since childhood.

He didn’t have a smooth relationship with his father.

His father Mr. Rocky Johnson engaged with professional wrestling during the 60s & 70s.

His father used to behave roughly with him but this was the real seed of motivation in his life.

He got inspired by Muhammad Ali & built his body.

He was a footballer too & also played football for Jody Cwik.

All these processes started to change his thought process.

He fixed his goal to play in the NFL but got a chance to play in the Canadian Football League.

But soon after he was cut down. When he was 23 years old he was forced to move back in with his parents.

At that time his father said, “If you want sympathy then go home to your mother to get it.

He wanted to have someone in life who would have told him, “It is going to be okay.”

After about a month later the head coach of the football team he was cut down from called him and offered him to come back.

But he was done with it. Then he decided to get into the Wrestling business.

He became very popular. He bought a house for his mother & for his father too.

He tasted success but unfortunately, his father passed away in 2020.

He lost his mental track. But then his daughter came into the world & taught him how to live again.

He is doing everything he could for her

9. Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin entertained the whole world without saying a single word.

He did if only with his expressions. He created a revolution in the Cinema world.

He said that mirror was his best friend. It never laughed when he cried.

He motivated everyone with his work even in the unhappiest days with his skills.

His real name is Charles Spencer Chaplin. His father was a famous vocal artist.

His mother was a renowned stage actress. His mother got ill after his father’s death.

All these bad days forced Chaplin & his brother to arrange something so that they can make their own earning to afford their lives at an early age.

Charlie’s first professional debut with “ The Eight Lancashire Lads” made him famous for his tap dance.

He did minor roles at the start of his career.

Suddenly after some work, he started becoming famous among the audience.

He was offered a motion picture. As he was so good at acting the producers started negotiating his salary.

He made himself the best version of himself.

He left the US for good. He was one of the first male actors to collaborate with female actors.

He even used to compose the music of his films by himself.

A Russian fan of his named a minor planet after his name.

It is heard that even his grave was robbed after his death.

He was awarded the honorary Oscar award in 1972 before he died.

He left us forever but gave us the simplest life rule that we should laugh whether we feel sad, depressed, or defeated.

10. Jack Ma

Jack Ma, the founder of Ali Baba is a successful entrepreneur.

But this legend once used to fail to get admission in Universities.

He tried thrice for the Universities but he failed.

He also applied to Harvard 10 times and failed to get in.

Then he went to a teachers’ college. He tried for jobs 40 times and got rejected again.

He started to feel frustrated.

Then he decided to use the Internet.

23 people in the team said that he will fail because it was a stupid idea.

He tried to find fundings for his ideas but couldn’t.

Despite everyone’s negative talk he believed in himself & worked hard for it.

He arranged 50 Thousand US Dollars from 18 founders.

Thus he and his team started. He didn’t make a lot of revenue but people started thanking him over emails.

He believed in himself & after 16 years he did it through Alibaba Group, AliPay, etc.

He is the best example of hard work, optimism, and positivity.

His never losing hope attitude gave him the ultimate success.

Now people say that he is a smart guy.

These people used to tag his idea as a stupid idea.

He is truly an inspiration.


Thank you for reading these short real-life motivational stories.

Real-life Motivating stories from real journeys will encourage you to chase after your dreams.

Every time we read or hear about the lives of people we admire,

personalities who have achieved something we hope to achieve tomorrow or in
the future, we are inspired.

Legendary people who struggled in the same way we do and achieved success inspire us immensely.

The thing that most of us desire when we are feeling low is true motivation.

We find it very challenging to stay motivated all the way from the very
beginning to the very end of our journey.

After knowing these real-life motivational stories you should never give up on your goal.

Legends like Bill Gates, Rowan Atkinson, JK Rowling, Nick Vujicic, Charlie Chaplin, Albert Einstein, Jack Ma, etc.

never gave up on their dreams, instead, they fought for them.

Wish You Very Good Luck!

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