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    Top 10 Best Motivational Stories

    Top 10 Best Motivational Stories Everyone needs some motivation to live life & fulfill their dreams. Everyone goes through unique situations & faces unique problems. Many of us have already lost our tracks. To solve those problems & carry on with our aim we need to motivate ourselves from inside & outside that staysfor a long period of time. Here are the 10 best motivational stories which will help you to stay motivated & not to give up on your ambitions. From students to old-aged people, these stories are for you to give you a booster dose of motivation. Self-motivation is good but hard to achieve.Stories are always favorites for…

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    10 ways to stay focused and motivated

    Distractions are extensively a part of life. Our minds are preoccupied with so many thoughts that we lack the potential to focus on one particular project. But, to achieve our goals, being concentrated on one point is of utmost importance. Staying focused is one such capability that dominates the rest of negative or unimportant ideas. It is an art to strengthen your area of expertise and stand in front of the world with raised heads. Well, it’s easy to say these, but in reality, distractions stand in the dominant position. Here, I am up with 10 such ways which will show you the direction for how to focus in life.…

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    Best 10 Motivational Speakers in India

    Top 10 Indian Motivators | Best Motivational speakers in India Electronics require charge and human beings require motivation to run. The top 10 Indian motivators whose name and fame are enlisted below have been delivering words of wisdom to their listeners. These inspirational messages form to be a source of fuel to move forward in life with all the hardships and challenges.

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    Best 10 Real life Motivational Stories

    We are usually busy with our daily schedule most of the time. Whether we are working professionals or stay-at-home parents, we have productive and unproductive hours. The stories always provide a positive impact on our minds in the demotivating hours. Occasionally, readers are incredibly motivated by a story. In this article, we will tell you about the best motivational stories of all time. As a result of reading these best motivational real-life motivational stories, readers will be highly motivated by these successful people’s real journeys. If you are finding the best real-life motivational stories then this article is for you. You will find a collection of the best motivational real-life…

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    15 Best Motivational Speakers in World

    15 Best Motivator In The World | best public motivational speakers in the world At times, we fail to accomplish a goal despite having all the capabilities in attaining the same. Here, we require some inspiring and encouraging words to be put in our ears to start afresh and be there at our esteemed point.

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    What is Intrinsic Motivation How its Works?

    What is intrinsic motivation? Intrinsic motivation is the act of accomplishing something which is not backed by any outward rewards. One performs it just out of their love, rather than being motivated by any external pressure or any stimulating offer, for example, a bonus or dividends.

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    50 motivational Words and Line that Motivate You

    50 motivational words and one-word quotes that motivate you daily! Life is very uncertain. What happens next no one knows, but we have the power to give our bestto change our lives positively and conquer our dreams. For example, I have a dream to change society but I can not do that right now because I don’t have the power to change society. But I can assure myself to train myself in such a way that no hurdle can stop me from fulfilling my dream. We become what we feed our minds. Feed the inspirational words (like the ones described below) to your mind and make your dreams come true.…

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    Best 51 Mindfulness Quotes To Start a Day

    Best Mindfulness Quotes Want to gain courage in few limited words? Then you are in the right place. Many famous personalities have gifted us with beautiful quotes which inspire us to do something positive. A slight upswing is needed when you are in an unrest situation. At this time, some popular mindfulness quotes may give you that boost, with which you can find your answer easily. Being mindful suggests that you are comfortable living your ‘now’ rather than thinking about what is to happen in the next minute. In this article, you shall read quotes on mindfulness that will allow you to stay confident and optimistic. Mindfulness quotes from Gautam…