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12 Easy steps Move on from a Relationship

How to move on from a relationship?

“Get away with your past, don’t let it hamper your present, it’s high time, move on!”

Did you also hear this after breaking up with your partner?

If yes, it is not unnatural. We get covered up by this advice wherever we land up.

how to move on

But, is it that easy? No. But, is it that easy? No.

It takes time for your heart and soul to realize that you are no longer with that person with whom you used to be round the clock.

But, time doesn’t stop ticking for anyone of us, and with time, we also have to go ahead of leaving the past behind.

So, presenting here are 15 effective ways for how to move on from a relationship.

1. Accept the truth

It may have been predicted for some time or it happened in the flash of your eyes.

Anyhow, you will have to accept the truth to be able to move ahead in your life.

The truth might be hard enough to digest at the initial stage,

but with time you will have to face the truth, without which you cannot really move on.

Accept it, acknowledge it and move on.

2. Talk with near and dear ones

Do not hold this only up to you. Start sharing with your closest ones.

The more you speak about it, the more you can feel relieved.

This is an emotional battle, against which you will have to win.

Communicate clearly and directly with your nearest ones and spit out whatever you have in your heart.

The more you share, the more faster you will be able to get rid of this and get ahead in life.

3. Stop communicating with your companion

Stop thinking about your partner and with that close every contact with him/her.

Initially, the task won’t be easy, but gradually you can do it. In the beginning, when your mind will strike about your partner,

without a moment start to distract yourself with other thoughts or be busy with any other job.

Day by day you will realize the frequency of remembering him will reduce and one day successfully you can carry forward with your life on a positive note.

4. Excuse him/her

Do not keep any grudge on your partner.

Forgive him with all your heart, because the one who forgives feels lighter than the one who does not.

Stop getting back to all those unwanted happenings in life which occurred due to your relationship.

Be ready to face the world with a big smile on your face which resembles the happy you.

Happiness and forgiveness go side by side for permitting you to move on in life.

5. Get a new hobby

Start something afresh to keep yourself busy all day long.

Get rid of those things which do not bring happiness to your life.

Buckle up! And begin your new pass-time which you always wanted to but could not due to time management.

Your new hobby will be a reason for your smile and for which you can get ahead from the past and face the upcoming shining future.

6. Meet and greet new people

Get up from the sad filled days and join get together of family and friends.

Over there, meet up with new people and try to communicate with them in a new way.

Say bye to the old world of yours which creates only pain for you.

Step into the new world with broadened chest and high-held head along with those people who only give you joy and nothing else.

7. Give time to yourself

Provide the entire day just for you. Plan things according to your preferences and time.

You are no longer answerable to someone else for having the unlimited ‘me-time just for yourself.

Become concentrated on how to live and love your life, rather than employing time over unhappy things.

Giving time to the self is the best way in which you can move on in your life

8. Groom yourself up

Prepare yourself to be the best one under the sky.

Nothing to change, just be you and work upon yourself to get better day by day.

The modification of yourself will make you feel happy, which is the sole thing you need to get forward in life with a high spirit.

Stop bending to those that are not good for you, make yourself remind that small grooming up sessions like visiting the salon,

shopping or any other of your choice are enough to put up a smile on your face!

9. Get away with any kind of reminders

Do not put those things in front of you which reminds you of the past and you begin to feel low.

Keep them aside deep into the cupboards where you cannot find them easily to disturb your state of mind.

If any memoranda are offending you in your mobile or any other device which you carry with you on a regular basis,

then put those reminders in some other folders, and please do not open them unless you have moved on in your life.

Slowly and steadily, you will be able to forget your partner get away from the past.

10. Write it out

If you cannot really share your inner heartbreak story with anyone, then rather share it with the diary where you can pen down all those that pains your heart.

The more you write, the more your heart wrenches out the sadness from yourself,

and you become free from your gloomy past which can no longer make you feel happy or wanted.

So, use the pen and paper mode or write on your computer to move a long path in your life from darkness.

11. Change your focus

You might be a school student or an office worker or you are joined in some other professional career.

Now, make that your focus.

You can achieve anything everything with your firm dedication to that.

Open up yourself to new opportunities and discover how you can ace them all with your commitment and loyalty to the task you perform.

As the focus will deviate from the past, you can see a change in yourself, and finally one day you can move on!

12. Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness will increase the level of patience in yourself and you can tolerate more than you used to do.

By meditation, you can reduce the level of anxiety and stress which disturbs you to concentrate on your present life.

Being mindful is going to help you get rid of your past life and approves you to move forward without looking back. 


After a lot of hatred, stress, tension, frustration, and many negative effects of post-relationship, you can finally find yourself at peace if you do the same things written above in the article. It is not a miracle that will happen in no time, it is reality and anything real takes time to overcome. Day by day you can get to see a better version of yourself as you pass each day of your life. Good days follow bad days, so wait for it and keep looking forward to living a happy life.

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