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Gratitude list: 100 Things to be grateful today

Best 100 Things To Be Grateful in life today

We might be surrounded by many things to be grateful for around us, but our main concern remains towards those we could not receive.

We run behind those unachieved objects which stay far off, forgetting the ones for which we should be thankful.

Very often, we take things for granted which are easily available and can be fetched at any moment.

But, do we ever think that what is going to happen to us if they are not present? No, we do not give much importance to these.

Best things to be grateful for

 Well, today, I have jotted down 100 things to be thankful for or to be great.

I hope your gratitude list will also be having the points which are mentioned below.

Or, it may differ, but do not forget to be thankful towards them.

Without further foreword, let’s start reading the things to be grateful for in 2021.

list Gratitude quotes

We divided this article into 100/20

5 things to be grateful before bed

gratitude list for night

Gratitude list To be Greatfull 01-20

  1. The tune set by the chirping of birds.

2. Capable to earn our own living. 

3. Ample light from the sun without expense. 

4. A shelter to live in. 

5. Plenty of water to drink.

6. Oxygen to breathe.

7. Availability of food we eat.

8. The judiciary system provides justice.

9. Having a bunch of best friends.

10. Caring and loving parents.

11. Enough finance to stay without tension.

12. Education received from teachers.

13. The five sense organs to feel. 

14. To the armies who protect our country in the borders.

15. Doctors who save our lives.

16. A downpour of relaxing rain. 

17. The crowd before which we perform.

18. Internet connection to cope with the online world.

19. An instrument to be able to play.

Gratitude list for morning

5 things to be grateful at the morning

20. Vaccines that safeguards us from diseases.

21. Wear beautiful clothes to stand before all.

22. A yoga center to remain peaceful and fit. 

23. Watching amazing movies that have great social messages.

24. A bed to sleep on. 

25. A laptop for writing content. 

26. A mobile phone for keeping my contacts. 

27. A prayer room to pray in.

28. A study room to keep up with college.

29. To be able to bloom flowers.

30. To decorate the interiors of an apartment.

31. Preparing food for family members to eat. 

32. Enjoy a coffee date with someone special. 

33. Keeping the things organized. 

34. Traveling to far-off places.

35. Have many important personalities to look at.

36. The inner power to overcome difficulties.

37. Minimum ability to recite poems.

38. Enough variants of delicacies to try. 

39. The freedom to choose a political party.

40. Celebrate birthday parties of our choice. 

Gratitude list To be Greatfull 41-60

41. Enjoying live cricket matches. 

42. The independence to dance as much as one wants.

43. Luxurious cars to travel in.

44. A ride in the aircraft in between clouds.

45. Learning education from a prestigious school.

46. Attaining degree from a celebrated college. 

47. Having a clock to see time.

48. Able to visit various restaurants.

49. Winning a couple of prizes.

50. Earning minimum fame to name.

51. Owning a camera to click pictures and save memories.

52. Can decorate face with the help of makeups. 

53. A fan to feel comfortable in the summer season.

54. Woolen clothes to keep us warm in the winter season.

 55. Can learn to make anything with the help of the web. 

56. Can speak and understand 3 languages. 

57. Pen and pencil to write on paper.

58. Memory cards to store memories in digital mode.

59. Calendar to keep a note on dates.

60. A bag to carry stuff as we move out.

Gratitude list To be Greatfull 61-80

61. A charger to keep the phone charged.

62. A shoulder to cry on.

63. A person to share all the worries with.

64. History book to know our past.

65. The electricity that can run anything and everything. 

66. The gifts that are presented to us with great thoughts.

67. Headphones to listen to music.

68. The feet with the help of which we walk.

69. The shoes that protect us from dirt.

70. Sunglasses which don’t allows the sun rays to enter.

71. Cute toys to play with.

72. Receiving surprises from loved ones.

73. Candles that burn themselves to provide light.

74. Elegant and huge monuments to visit.

75. Police officers who catch thieves and dacoits.

76. Social media platforms enable us to express our hearts out.

77. The proper drainage system in my locality.

78. Staying with my grandmother in the same family.

79. The animals that die to satisfy our hunger.

80. The people who build housing compartments.

Gratitude list To be Greatfull 81-100

81. Supermarkets procure many things under one roof.

82. Online delivery of items we love.

83. Medicines that cures us.

84. The domestic help who assists us throughout.

85. The strangers who help us during emergencies.

86. People who spread positive energy around us.

87. Last five minutes of the examination. 

88. Diary for hearing our heart out.

89. Comedians who make us laugh.

90. The sewing machine for stitching clothes.

91. Getting corrected for our mistakes by our fellow beings.

92. Awestruck color-filled paintings that add color to our colorless lives.

93. Freshness in the smell of the air.

94. The person who understands me even when I am silent.

95. The baby whose smile lights up our life.

96. The magician whose tricks give us wonder.

97. To the places that give us peace.

98. The music which heals us from within.

99. To the joyous moments we left in the past.

100. To the Almighty who gave us a human birth.

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In this article, I ensured to be grateful and appreciative of the very ordinary 100 things we have got accustomed to in our daily lives.

But, we always need to remember, smallest stuff on a daily ground provides us motivation to view the next morning. Let us all show our gratitude to each and every tiniest aspect of our lives.

In the above article, you have read about all the things to be thankful for in 2021.

Ending here with the famous words of  William Arthur Ward –

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”  

William Arthur Ward

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