10 Best Motivational Movies On Netflix

The Best Motivational Movies On Netflix | Best inspirational movies on Netflix

Have you ever come across any movie that has had an impact on you emotionally or mentally?

Some movies merely entertain you, while some have the potential to influence you.

If you are looking for an inspiring film to get you in the correct state of mind, we can help you with a list.

Netflix now presents movies that are not only intriguing and gruesome with their plot and twists,

but it also includes a list of motivational or inspiring films and series.

Netflix today is considered the biggest and the most popular digital platform to plan a movie night with friends or family.

Movies or series are like an art form, capable of moving their audience with a powerful storyline and a gripping message.

Below is a list of the best motivational movies on Netflix.

1. Spotlight

Best motivational movies on Netflix

Spotlight throws light upon a sexual abuse incident investigated by The Boston Globe’s investigative journalism ‘Spotlight’ team.

The incident takes place in a Roman Catholic Church that makes the story even more gripping.

The movie has won two Academy Awards and an Oscar for the best script.

The film was appreciated and credited for being one of the best worldwide.

2. Dangal

Best inspirational movies on Netflix, motivational movies on Netflix India

Dangal is a Bollywood movie that revolves around the life of the daughters of an amateur wrestler entering into the world of wrestling.

It is based on a true story of a wrestler’s father’s venture to get his daughters to win the World Wrestling Championship.

The family resides in a small town, and how they evolve as successful wrestlers is a story that deserves to be told.

The strong performance, powerful characters, and brilliant screenplay work well with the international audience too.

3. The Theory Of Everything

Motivational movies in Hollywood

You must have probably heard of the renowned genius Stephen Hawking.

The movie is based on his inspiring life and is sure to captivate the audience from across the globe.

He was a well-known English Theoretical Physicist, and his character was played by Eddie Redmayne.

Redmayne won an Oscar for portraying the character of Hawking so brilliantly.

The movie is included among the most inspirational movies on Netflix.

4. The Pursuit Of Happiness

Most inspirational movies on netflix

The Pursuit of Happiness is a biographical movie based on the inspiring life of Chris Gardner.

The story grips the audience as it narrates the struggles of a salesman who faces a financial crisis along with the challenges of his son’s custody.

The movie was a bit hit during its time, and till today it continues to gather an audience for its immensely intriguing story.

Will Smith played the character of Chris Gardner.

The movie is recognized as one of the best motivational movies on Netflix.

5. Moonlight

Best inspirational movies on Netflix

The Moonlight is among the most inspirational movies on Netflix that focuses on the salvation of the human soul.

The movie is based on an American-African man who struggles during each phase of his life- childhood, adolescence, and early adult life.

How he finally manages to sort things out for himself is the inspiring element in the story.

The movie has received the Academy Awards for the best picture.

6. The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

Motivational movies in Netflix, Best motivational movies on Netflix

The movie is based on the memoir of William Kamkwamba.

The plot revolves around how the boy built a windmill for his village to save it from famine.

The movie tells you that all you need is a bit of dedication and determination to reach great heights.

The film was the official British entry into the International Academy Awards.

7. The Little Prince

Motivational movies in Netflix

The Little Prince is an animated movie; however, it is sure to leave you inspired.

Whenever you search for the best motivational movies on Netflix, you will come across this movie.

If you think you are puzzled and gloomy about your life, go out and watch this film.

It is about a girl who has been taken into another world by her neighbor. The world is called ‘The Little Prince .’

The movie reiterates the phrase ‘Seize the Day’ or ‘You Only Live Once.’

Once you watch this piece of art, you will realize the importance of spending every moment of your life doing things you love.

8. The Intouchables

Motivational movies in Hollywood

The Intouchables released in 2011 with a story that teaches you the true meaning of life.

You often understand the value of a thing when you lose them.

Similarly, the movie revolves around the life of a quadriplegic man who finds no meaning in life anymore.

How his carer helps him to enjoy life and understand its true value is what grips the audience.

9. Eat Pray Love

inspirational comedy movies

Eat Pray Love narrates the story of Elizabeth Gilbert and what happens to her after she gets a divorce.

The movie emphasizes on the fact that the world doesn’t stop with the end of a relationship.

On her divorce, Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts, travels around the world in an attempt to rediscover herself.

The movie was well recognized among the audience.

10. Planet Earth

inspirational series on NetFlix, motivation series on Netflix

Planet Earth is not a movie but a classic series that glorifies nature and its beauty.

It is considered one of the most inspiring series on Netflix.

The series shows us the different ways in which nature inspires us.

11. Roma

Most inspirational movies on netflix

Roma is considered one of the most personal films of Alfonso Cuaron.

The movie centers around the main character of Cleo.

The film exposes the life of a domestic worker’s journey amidst the political turmoil in the 1970s.

The setting for the movie in Mexico City.


When life throws difficult situations at you, you tend to find solace within your surroundings.

Watching a motivational movie can lighten up your mood and give you the hope and inspiration to deal with the challenges effortlessly.

At the same time, it takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions and sentiments.

Besides inspiring you, such movies can also uplift your spirit. Therefore,

if you want to watch the best motivational movies on Netflix, you can refer to the list above.

Let the world of art and films inspire you with new tales to tell.

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