Motivational Mindfulness

Improve your motivation and take part in the self paced 5 week course - designed using scientifically validated mindfulness techniques.

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For those who want to achieve more in life, Motivational Mindfulness allows you to develop a deeper understanding of what drives you and how to maximize your full potential. Unlike conventional motivation coaching, Motivational Mindfulness is an online, self paced and personalized programme developed by clinicians and neuroscientists. Our innovative and scientifically validated techniques aim to boost your productivity, help you accomplish goals, and enhance your motivation.

“Motivational Mindfulness allows you to understand and enhance your motivation, giving you the tools to achieve the goals you want in life.”

Motivational Mindfulness is a motivation awareness and enhancer programme based on real techniques. It is still in the development phase, so please check back for more updates soon. If you are interested in subscribing to our service please enter your e-mail address in the section located on the right hand side of the page and we will let you know when we launch.