Mind Fingerprint

Define your personalised Mind Fingerprint and optimise each domain to enhance your motivation
Mind Fingerprint


A lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern


A tendency to act on a whim, with little or no forethought

Reward Sensitivity

The responsiveness of the mind to rewarding environments

Loss Sensitivity

The responsiveness of the mind to aversive environments

Effort Sensitivity

The responsiveness of the mind to effortful environments

Option Generation

The minds ability to generate goal directed actions


The effect of motivation levels on fatigue levels

Combine Powerful Mindfulness Techniques With Motivational Training

Motivational Mindfulness

Engage, understand and enhance your drive
Reshape your mental wellbeing

Using a combination of proven research paradigms and powerful mindfulness techniques, we provide a bespoke service designed to optimise how your mind works. Enhance your cognitive processes through our online training programme reshaping your mind function to optimal levels and enhancing the way you perform in life.

  • Cognitive Training

    Refined and targeted cognitive training tasks designed to help achieve your goals

  • Motivation

    Understand your motivational goals and monitor your progress as you advance through the programme

  • Mindfulness

    Learn mindfulness techniques to exert greater control over your thoughts

  • Motivational Mindfulness

    Combine what is learned through the programme to enhance your motivation

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